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14U Guidelines:

Field Specifications:
Field dimensions: 60 yards long, 40 yards wide (maximum).
Recommended distinctive markings include a halfway line, center circle, corner arcs, goal area, penalty area, penalty mark, and penalty arc.

Goal Dimensions:
Maximum goal size: 7 feet high and 7 yards wide.

Ball Size:
Size 5 ball used for U-14 games.

- Seven players per team on the field, including one goalkeeper; maximum of ten players on the roster.
- Substitutions permitted between periods, at halftime, and for injuries.
- Minimum of two periods per game; no player should play four periods until all have played three.

Player Equipment:
As part of the registration fee, each player receives a full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks) which your coach will give to you prior to the start of the season.

In addition, you will need to supply the following items:
- Shin guards (mandatory for all practices and games)
- Size 3 soccer ball (highly recommended)
- Soccer shoes (These shoes may not have a toe cleat. Tennis shoes are ok.)
- Water bottle (great for those hot August days)

Game Duration:
- Four periods of 15-17 minutes each.
- Halftime break of 5-10 minutes.
- Total game time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Start of Play:
- Game begins with a kick-off in the middle of the field.
- Referee determines initial kickoff with a coin flip; opposing team starts the second half.
- Opponents must be eight yards from the center mark during kick-off.

Goal Kicks/Punts:
- Goal kicks or punts cannot cross the halfway line.
- Indirect free kick awarded where the ball lands.

Fouls & Misconduct:
- Opponents must be eight yards from the ball on restart kicks.
- Referees collaborate with coaches to maintain fair play; cautions and send-offs are avoided when possible.

- AYSO certified Regional Referees or higher required for U-14 games.
- Referees should briefly explain infringements to players and encourage sportsmanship.
- Emphasis on keeping the game flowing and minimizing stoppages.

Assistant Referees/Club Linesmen:
Qualified assistant referees preferred; Club Linesmen may assist with calling the ball in and out of play if necessary.
Opportunity for parents to contribute to the game.

Permitted in this division.

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